Archaeolink Prehistory Park

Archaeolink Prehistory Park offers a range of atmospheric reconstructions of ancient dwellings and monuments, as they would have appeared in Scotland from the Stone Age through to the fall of the Roman Empire. Situated in the spectacular landscape of the Grampian mountain range, the 40-acre living history and experimental archaeology visitor centre can provide expert archaeological consultation, ancient technology, crafts and combat support. A recognized name in the field of experimental archaeology, Archaeolink maintains an impressive support network of academics, re-enactment groups, universities and museums to ensure the highest standard of education and authenticity. If your project centres on Stone Age hunter/gatherers, Neolithic stone circles or monuments, Iron Age Celts or Picts, Roman legionaries or Vikings, contact the experts at Archaeolink.

Contact: Jason Hunt
Archaeolink Prehistory Park
Oyne, Insch Aberdeenshire AB52 6QP
Tel: +44 01464 851500
Fax: +44 01464 851544

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