Bearwood College

The Mansion
The house was built 1868 and is of red brick with ample stone dressings in the Jacobean style, but with an mixture of French motifs.

The mansion shows us two faces - the strong, masculine, grand appearance of the Northern facade and the more gentle, domestic South.

The straight lines and rectangles of the front work against the curves of the back, where across last century's gardens the view sweeps down to the distant lake. Two towers dominate the two facades - on the North side the great entrance hall tower stands, solid and uncompromising, looking down the avenue of Wellingtonias. On the softer South front the water tower to the right of the almost 100m long terrace, while not so dominant, is no less definite in the mock seventeenth century facade.

A dam was built around the site from which the clay for bricks was extracted (there are over four and a half million in the mansion) and was then flooded to create the 47 acre lake.
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