The Citadel

The beauty and tranquillity of little known Shropshire can be fully appreciated at this very unusual house. It stands in a spectacular position overlooking the Grade 1 landscapes of Hawkstone Park.

Built in 1820s and constructed in local salmon-red sandstone, it is ingeniously designed in the form of three interlinked towers, set to the points of an isosceles triangle, and the crenellations and cross-loops give the house more than a touch of history and romance. Another imaginative feature is the deep apron terrace of cobbles at the front of the house, framed by a sandstone retaining wall with bastions at each corner.

The house looks out over 200 acres of farmland, the nearby golf course and the wooded escarpment of the Hawkstone hills. The front door of studded red pine opens into an octagonal outer hall, which in turn leads through to the larger inner hall at the centre of the house. The west lounge is at the disposal of guests, and adjoins the billiard room with its full-size table again available for use by guests.
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