10 Hand picked examples from the many film locations available from the Environment & Heritage Service of Northern Ireland http://www.ni-environment.gov.uk/ http://www.ni-environment.gov.uk/

Co. Antrim
  • —›[ Carrickfergus Castle ]
    [Greets all visitors with its strength and menace]
  • Carrickfergus Castle
  • —›[ Dunluce Castle ]
    [A late-medieval and 17th-century castle is dramatically sited on a headland dropping sheer into the sea]
  • Dunluce Castle

    Co. Armagh
  • —›[ Navan Fort ]
    [A large earthwork of circular plan surrounding the summit of a drumlin, a pagan sanctuary of 240m in internal diameter]
  • Navan Fort

    Co. Down
  • —›[ Ballycopeland Windmill ]
    [This late-18th century corn mill with its miller's house and associated buildings gives a unique insight into a lost industry]
  • Ballycopeland Windmill
  • —›[ Crawfordsburn Country Park ]
    [Full of variety, rugged coastline, sandy beaches, deep wooded glen with an impressive waterfall, a pond and wildflower meadows]
  • Crawfordsburn Country Park
  • —›[ Scrabo Tower & Country Park ]
    [The tower is built on the summit of a steep hill and includes woodlands, disused quarries, a pond and a prehistoric hill fort]
  • Scrabo Tower & Country Park

    Co. Fermanagh
  • —›[ Castle Archdale Country Park ]
    [Based on the demesne of the Archdale Manor House, which was built in 1773, of which now only the courtyard buildings remain]
  • Castle Archdale Country Park
  • —›[ Devenish Monastic Site ]
    [The most important of Lough Erne's many island church settlements]
  • Devenish Monastic Site

  • —›[ Ness Wood Country Park ]
    [50 hectares of mixed woodland in the sheltered Burntollet Valley with a spectacular waterfall]
  • Ness Wood Country Park
  • —›[ Roe Valley Country Park ]
    [Runs for three miles either side of the River Roe with flood plains, waterfall, woodland, meadows and mountains with rock faces]
  • Roe Valley Country Park