Ness Wood Country Park comprises 50 hectares of mixed woodland known as Ness, Ervey and Tamnymore, in the sheltered Burntollet Valley. The main feature of the Park is a spectacular waterfall (the highest in the province), from which the Park derives its name, based on the Irish "an las" or Ness meaning waterfall.

Ness Wood is a remnant of extensive natural oakwoods. With the plantation of Ulster in the seventeenth century, the wood was allotted to the Grocer's Company and subsequently to the Stevenson Estate. These new owners clear-felled the oaks and introduced beech, sycamore, sweet chestnut, silver fir, larch, cherry laurel and rhododendron. However, the steep-sided nature of Ness restricts the removal of timber and this, combined with vigorous natural regeneration, has ensured the continued survival and predominance of native species. These are mainly the oak, birch, rowan and holly, along with ash, hazel, alder, willow and elm.

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  • 2.2kms of paths
  • Picnic Area & Meadow
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    Park open all year.

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