Felbrigg Lodge

Felbrigg Lodge was once owned by Brian Blessed and his opera wife Hildegarde Neil Zimmermann. Set within an 8-acre oasis of beautiful grounds it is often referred to as a retreat; many people find the place very spiritual because of all the trees and stillness. The beautiful grounds play host to over 50 species of birds and other wildlife among the lawns, specimen trees and shrubs. Beyond the grounds, wooded hillsides give way to rolling fields and miles of fine sand beaches and dunes.
Surrounding the Lodge are a collection of bungalow suites that offer luxury accommodation. There is also the Pool and Gym housed in a very light and airy space and The Ivy Restaurant. [Click for photos] The 6 available rooms block booked would provide total privacy for guests; no one would know they were there.
In the grounds there is ample parking for lorries, there are stables to house horses, animals or props and the restaurant can be used as the canteen. So this location is also an ideal unit base for filming in the area.

Felbrigg Lodge, Old School Road,
Aylmerton, Norfolk, NR11 8RA
Tel: 01263 837588     Fax: 01263 838012

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  • The Oak Pavilion which has high and open beam roofing and a veranda. click for more photos
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  • The Coach house which has two apartments at ground level. click for more photos
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  • The Barn which has three apartments at ground level. click for more photos