Holyhead Maritime Museum

The Holyhead Maritime Museum is a perfect location for certain types of Period Film & TV Drama. It is a former boathouse with slipway and it was the location for the wartime film "Western Approaches" which was commissioned by the Admiralty.
The Holyhead Maritime Museum houses a wonderful collection of exhibits that tells the fascinating maritime history of Holyhead. A part of the museum's complex is the permanent exhibition "Holyhead at War" housed in a Second World War air raid shelter situated alongside the Maritime Museum.
The museum houses a variety of artefacts including crockery recovered from the Irish Sea bed, to large board room models of the vessels that sailed from Holyhead to Dún Laoghaire and Greenore. The exhibits cover the maritime and social history of the town from the Iron age up to the present day.
There is a fund of local knowledge available which will greatly help Film Makers with their Historical Research when filming in the area. There are several hotels and B&B accomodation in the area, and the museum volunteers have contacts with most of the establishments.

Holyhead Maritime Museum
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