Armagh County Museum

About half way along the Mall, near the centre of St Patrick's cathedral city is Armagh County Museum. Built in 1834 to a classical design, its impressive columns dominate the entrance, making it one of the most distinctive buildings in the area.
The Museum retains a nostalgic feel, with the meeting room of the Armagh Natural History and Philosophical Society on the ground floor. The upper floor contains the temporary and permanent exhibitions. The permanent displays are housed in tall mahogany cases and are packed with objects from a bygone age. There are military uniforms, railway memorabilia, wedding dress, ceramics, wooden objects, rural crafts, archaeological artefacts and natural history specimens. The Museum also has a library, housed in two rooms, just off the main gallery.
Throughout the year there are a range of temporary exhibitions. All exhibitions, events and newsroom stories are covered on out web site

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For further information contact:
Dr Greer Ramsey, Deputy Curator
Armagh County Museum
The Mall East
Armagh BT61 9BE
Tel: 028 37 523070