Sandown Park Racecourse

Located in Esher on the borders of Surrey and Southwest London, Sandown Park is a seasoned performer, having played many roles across the years - racecourse (naturally), offices, kitchens, restaurants, foyers, airport buildings, you name it - often with very little dressing.

The phrase 'Nowhere Else Comes Close' is true to its word when it comes to filming. Where else within 15 miles of Central London would you find a first class venue with spacious halls and outdoor areas allowing for unobstructed wide shots, with ground-floor access and three-phase power throughout? Aside from the ample space provided, Sandown Park also has parking for up to 3,000 cars and is situated outside the congestion zone.

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Tracy Rusbridge
Sandown Park Racecourse
Portsmouth Road, Esher,
Surrey KT10 9AJ
Tel: 01372 46 43 48Fax: 01372 470427