Regions of the South of France
  • → [ Hanne Evans Production Services International Ltd ]

  • [The French Riviera is one of the most attractive and varied shooting areas in Europe]
    Hanne Evans Production Services International Ltd

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  • → [ Kent Film Office ]

  • [Offers a wide and diverse range of locations that includes airfields]
    Kent Film Office

  • → [ Bruntingthorpe Airfield and Proving Ground ]

  • [A privately owned, ex WW2 airfield and post-war nuclear bomber base that still operates as an operational airfield, as well as a proving ground for the testing of a variety of types of vehicles]

  • → [ The Lincolnshire Aviation Heritage Centre ]

  • [We have an original working WW2 Lancaster bomber on an original authentic WW2 Bomber Command Airfield. The only place in the world where you can have this!!]

  • → [ The Muckleburgh Collection ]

  • [A private grass airfield where the public has no right of way, making it very attractive to those companies, wishing for complete privacy]
    The Muckleburgh Collection

  • → [ Bentwaters Parks ]

  • [1,000 acres of privately owned, former Cold War USAF Base with unique military buildings such as, control tower, high security fencing and watch towers, high security Weapons Storage, dog kennels, Hush House built for jet engine testing, squadron building with blast walls, barracks & air hangars]
    Bentwaters Parks

  • → [ Yorkshire Air Museum & Allied Air Forces Memorial ]

  • [Probably the most authentic WW2 Bomber Command Station left in UK and provides an atmospheric location for both documentary and dramatic film-work. Added to the numerous historic listed buildings in this 20 acre park and woodland setting, over 50 historic aircraft and vehicles compliment the venue]
    Yorkshire Air Museum & Allied Air Forces Memorial

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