Co. Limerick
  • → [ Foynes Flying Boat Museum ]

  • [Housed in the original terminal building at Foynes and recalls that nostalgic era when Foynes became the centre of the aviation world from 1939 to 1945]
    Foynes Flying Boat Museum

    Co. Roscommon
  • → [ The Arigna Mining Experience ]

  • [Ireland's last working coal mines closed in 1990 after 400 years of operation. The Arigna Mining Experience opened as a tourist attraction in 2003 and has proved very popular with visitors]
    The Arigna Mining Experience

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  • → [ The Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers Museum ]

  • [Collections of British Army Equipment since 1942. Historic Vehicles, Electronic and Aeronautical equipment]

  • → [ The Shire Hall ]

  • [Built in 1837 as the County Assizes (county court)]

  • → [ Combined Military Services Museum ]

  • [Unique research and viewing opportunities available at one of the country‚Äôs finest private collections of original military and espionage equipment, dating from 1800BC to the present day. The diverse collections of the Combined Military Services Museum contain a treasure trove of rare original uniforms, firearms, armour, swords, spy gadgetry and ordnance, some of which cannot be seen anywhere else in the World]
  • → [ Mangapps Railway Museum ]

  • [It is possible to transport carriages from Mangapps to studios for filming, which happened with 'Darkest Hour' equally filming can take place at Mangapps where there are ample facilities for Unit Vehicles and access to the most amazing 'prop store' of vintage railway memorabilia which Production Designers and Art Directors will love! they will also be able to film in the totally authentic Station Masters Office]

  • → [ The Breamore Estate ]

  • [A countryside museum which offers an extensive selection of post war props and sets]

  • → [ Celtic Harmony Camp ]

  • [The area is decorated and organised to look like an ancient Iron Age Village]

  • → [ Bruntingthorpe Airfield and Proving Ground ]

  • [Hosts the cold war aircraft museum, housing a number of aircraft including a Victor, a Comet, a number of Buccaneers and a Jaguar to name but a few. All are available for photographic or film use. Also available is a Boeing 747-200, one of only a few commercially available in the UK for such media use]

  • → [ The Lincolnshire Aviation Heritage Centre ]

  • [We have an original working WW2 Lancaster bomber on an original authentic WW2 Bomber Command Airfield. The only place in the world where you can have this!!]

  • → [ The Clink Prison Museum ]

  • [The prison was open to inmates throughout the Tudor and Elizabethan reigns]
    The Clink Prison Museum

  • → [ Kew Bridge Steam Museum (KBSM) ]

  • [An early Victorian industrial water pumping station. A 3 storey high 90 inch Cornish style beam engine continues to operate today with a variety of other engines if required on request. In addition, there is a terrace of former workshops including a blacksmith forge and turn of the century workshop. A 197 foot high stand pipe tower with a viewing platform and there is a two foot gauge steam locomotive with tracks and engine shed]

  • → [ The Muckleburgh Collection ]

  • [A museum with Britain's largest working Military collection, housed in the former Ack-Ack NAAFI]
    The Muckleburgh Collection

  • → [ NCCL Galleries of Justice ]

  • [Nottingham's old Shire Hall, courthouse and gaol and offers an ideal historical as well as contemporary backdrop]
    NCCL Galleries of Justice

  • → [ The Staffordshire Regiment Museum ]

  • [The Museum boasts an excellent representation of First World War Trench system and also displays Second World War air raid shelters and pill box]

  • → [ The Rural Life Centre ]

  • [A museum of past village life covering the years from 1750 to 1960 and a preserved two foot gauge light railway is maintained on site]
    The Rural Life Centre

  • → [ Yorkshire Air Museum & Allied Air Forces Memorial ]

  • [Probably the most authentic WW2 Bomber Command Station left in UK and provides an atmospheric location for both documentary and dramatic film-work. Added to the numerous historic listed buildings in this 20 acre park and woodland setting, over 50 historic aircraft and vehicles compliment the venue]
    Yorkshire Air Museum & Allied Air Forces Memorial

    West Midlands
  • → [ Bantock House And Park ]

  • [A restored Georgian farmhouse with Edwardian oak panelled rooms, reflecting the popular Arts & Crafts movement. Sits within 43 acres of parkland that includes sports pitches. A conservatory has been faithfully reconstructed and the courtyard and outbuildings restored. The formal Edwardian style gardens boast many authentic features]
    Bantock House And Park
  • → [ Birmingham Museums ]

  • [Extraordinary venues that provide a fascinating glimpse into Birmingham's rich and vibrant past and showcase world class museum collections]

  • → [ Ulster Museum, Belfast ]

  • [Popular locations for film and programme scenes requiring working space]
    Ulster Museum, Belfast

    Co. Armagh
  • → [ Armagh County Museum ]

  • [Built in 1834 to a classical design with impressive columns that dominate the entrance]
    Armagh County Museum

    Co. Down
  • → [ Ulster Folk and Transport Museum ]

  • [The Ulster Folk and Transport Museum illustrates the way of life and the traditions of the people of the North of Ireland]
    Ulster Folk and Transport Museum

    Co. Tyrone
  • → [ Ulster American Folk Park ]

  • [A remarkable collection of Period buildings of Ireland throughout the 18th and 19th centuries]
    Ulster American Folk Park

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  • → [ Archaeolink Prehistory Park ]

  • [Offers a range of atmospheric reconstructions of ancient dwellings and monuments]

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  • → [ Holyhead Maritime Museum ]

  • [The Holyhead Maritime Museum is a perfect location for certain types of Period Film & TV Drama. It is a former boathouse with slipway and it was the location for the wartime film "Western Approaches" which was commissioned by the Admiralty]