• → [ Port Lympne: The African Experience ]

  • [10 authentic tented safari lodges set in The African Experience. A large 100 acre safari section which visitors can tour by truck. In this area over 200 iconic African wildlife species roam freely together without fences just as they would in the wild. The area offers unrivalled opportunities to get up close to and film herds of animals interacting and exhibiting natural behaviours]
  • → [ Port Lympne: The Aspinall Wild Animal Experience ]

  • [Houses over 500 rare and endangered animals across 600 acres of spectacular grounds. The animals are housed in a range of naturalistic enclosures, some of which are 'open-topped' meaning that animals can be filmed easily]

  • → [ Paradise Wildlife Park (Zoo) ]

  • [Set in 30 acres of picturesque woodland, with a miniature railway which is useful for animation sequences, PWP offers the perfect background for projects with a wildlife theme. It also has function rooms available making it an excellent location]

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